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Today coming in to see my brother I had a meeting with Dr Patel (oncologist) and also a visiting oncologist. The discussion was about his nutrition, dosage of opiods and what we could do to assist from home to help Sid heal but it ended up as a debate by the doctor at the end of the conversation. He, Sid, left the hospital at 39kgs and returned four days later at 51.9kgs and when asked what he was having I said he had nutritional supplements I bring into Australia. They were organic, natural with the same nutritional facts as what they were using and also contains more vitamins and minerals, pre and probitics to help the stomach. This discussion ended up as a debate based on what is better Allopathic medicine or Holistic Medicine. I couldn’t quite see the reason why we had this discussion when it wasn’t a discussion about product but about patient. He, the visiting oncologist, then said, If you think you can do better with your products then take him home and heal him if you think you can do better or let us do our jobs. This was in front of the patient from a visiting oncologist. They have all given up because what they are doing is not working and they don’t care about “alternative medicine”, even if it works. So! Whatever happened to the hippocratic oath.
All I could say to that was “Was this conversation about products? No! It was about the patient? He left here severely underweight, bowels blocked for two months of which you did nothing about and with no hope. He comes back four days later, walking full of energy, everything functioning and you ask me to let you do your jobs? If you were doing you jobs he would not have been in the position he is in in the first place.

Duty of care is no longer a priority due to understaffing and no experienced senior staff and nurses who have walked the miles. The

Adelaide and My Brothers

When I decided to do a Facebook live I didn’t expect along the way that I would get a call from my brother and my niece, father and daughter, one down with tongue cancer, the other with a double mastectomy, breast cancer in the pipeline.

So what’s next ?

My family have suffered with tongue, lymphoma, throat, lung, myeloma, breast cancers and I am certain that there are other varieties in that basket and I know I have work in Adelaide with my big brother. Seven out of ten in my immediate family have been through cancer. Two in complete remission, one in his first year still not in complete remission, one battling stage four aggressive tongue cancer, three of us didn’t survive.

We need to look at our lifestyle to be able to understand why our current health globally is in the worse state it has ever been then. Our foods today lack the nutrition in the soil because of over spraying of chemicals, overfarming and the list goes on.

I’ll keep you posted.

Cancer – What Can I Say?

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