A Subtle Reminder

I arrived in Adelaide all well and good but when i got to my brothers place it took me back to my days going through chemo. When my body weight dropped to 38kg, normal weight was 65kg, I realised what I looked like then just by looking at my brother. Thin, drawn out and totally unaware how dire his situation really is. Out of all the people I have met who were diagnosed cancer and very flippant about it are the ones who never make it back.

Sid has throat cancer, gas a tube inserted into his stomach so he can be fed. He smokes and drinks red wine through his tube and thinks doctors will take it all away with chemo. If and when he has to walk the path, and I hope he doesn’t after doing it rough twice; dancing with death four times in the process. I wouldn’t want anyone to feel life slip through your fingers. That bitter cold that reminds you that death is calling you and you have no control at all, that fine line of life and death. There is no cold in this world that feels like it.

Adelaide and My Brothers

When I decided to do a Facebook live I didn’t expect along the way that I would get a call from my brother and my niece, father and daughter, one down with tongue cancer, the other with a double mastectomy, breast cancer in the pipeline.

So what’s next ?

My family have suffered with tongue, lymphoma, throat, lung, myeloma, breast cancers and I am certain that there are other varieties in that basket and I know I have work in Adelaide with my big brother. Seven out of ten in my immediate family have been through cancer. Two in complete remission, one in his first year still not in complete remission, one battling stage four aggressive tongue cancer, three of us didn’t survive.

We need to look at our lifestyle to be able to understand why our current health globally is in the worse state it has ever been then. Our foods today lack the nutrition in the soil because of over spraying of chemicals, overfarming and the list goes on.

I’ll keep you posted.

Cancer – What Can I Say?

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Stay tuned for more information


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