The Dragons Breath

A poem I wrote driving home to Brisbane through the 2020 fires through the back of South Australia into New South Wales and having to turn around and eventuate through Bourke into Queensland, then home. It took two and a half days.

Cancer to Confidence-The Series

After surviving death seven times, four times to chemo, three to major heart attacks I survived well!

During the past nine years of hell l lost a brother and a sister, and almost losing another brother to cancer. After five years of battling the system, I almost lost my partner to mental health and eventually, several major heart attacks, but he survived.

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Coming Soon 21 June 2022 – Episode 2 – Knowledge

Join me each week as I take you on journey from Cancer to Confidence.

How did I manage to survive cancer and heart disease?

What was I doing that was different that kept me alive?

After major heart surgery just a few weeks ago, I sat on my hospital bed asking myself, what just happened.  Over the nine years of hell I had seen some medical mistakes that cost the lives of three of my family members, I was to be the fourth in the firing line of cancer.

Cancer to Confidence

After 2nd Cycle Chemotherapy-Douglas Fremlin

When I first went through chemotherapy, I decided to keep a journal. I wanted to just keep notes for my own sake, for a way to keep me driven to stay alive. This was edited a few times and I though why? I have left it as it was because for me this was a big part of what I wanted to share if I were to make it through. Make it through? For some unknown reason I knew if I fought hard enough, I would make it through. Have a listen to the video below, this is me on my way home after Cycle 1A-HyperCVAD, Chemotherapy regimen used for Lymphoma. I had Mantle Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. was confident I was going to beat this thing, and I did.

On the way home from chemo, 1st bout and it’s the first time I have been so wacked on morphine, great fun, well! Looks like it, but took me 25 weeks of cold turkey to get off it and it wasn’t easy, and those spiders? Never again people. Seven times now after my heart attack I have been tested by the medical system, as in almost died, five of those times, because of one doctor. I almost never made it back after three heart attacks because of a medical mistake.

All said and Done! I am glad I still be here today to share my conversation with you.

Podcast coming soon and I hope you all will join me. Launch date will be posted for the podcast, leave your details below and I will keep you posted through whichever means best suits you.

If it will help others, and maybe save someone’s life! I am happy! If it helps just one person, I am also happy, and why should I help others?

Because I can! Thanks again and join me as I take you down a path, a journey of……..

Cancer to Confidence

Don’t Cry Alone In Silence!

That was the lesson I learnt after my recent heart attack, and I want to share with others how I managed to survive death seven times. What kept me alive?

more about ..

The Truths! The Lies! The Deception!

You make your choice, but
Simple as it may sound it isn’t and I know that well. So!
I suggest you join me as I introduce you way of approaching your health, Your Confidence.

Watch “This Pivotal Moment – Episode 1” on YouTube.

Food for thought, and it’s happening now. I’ve been around computers for more than 50 years, I was there when WWW first started. This video is not too far from the truth. 17 minutes of video and it will make you think about it a little. When you have finished viewing it, ask yourself, ‘what is it all about and why are we so blind that we cannot see it happening.

Cancer to Confidence – The Series

To find the confidence you need to survive cancer and major heart issues, to die seven times in the process, came the next phase in my life and that was to share my journey in a podcast, blog, and/or video series.

Cancer to Confidence is that journey.

Douglas Fremlin

A 13-Episode series – Cancer to Confidence

Join me Monday, 11 June 2020.

Going through chemotherapy I ended up in ICU twice. On both occasions, according to the doctors, I died twice and in theory, should not have survived chemotherapy at all because of age and the regimen I went through by choice, HyperCVAD. After nine years, an issue created during chemotherapy that ruptured a main artery, nine years later it almost killed me three times in heart attacks in one day. But I survived!

I am 64 years old, and a Certified Wholistic Health Coach who has had the opportunity to challenge the system with an idea that through healthy living and proper nutrition, the human body could do more than we were led to believe.

This 13 series conversation was to help you the reader. To be able to give you the opportunity to look at health from a different perspective, from a healthy perspective, and live a healthier life than we were led to believe.

I survived with a smile, and this gave me that very reason to share with you how.

To share what drove me to challenge myself, more importantly, the system. This has been my lifetime journey.

Douglas Fremlin

Cancer to Confidence is about my journey through cancer, and major heart issues that eventuated from chemotherapy. The steps I took to survive life itself was grounded on knowledge. Knowledge that I could survive because I had the right people to seek advice on a global scale. Their knowledge, and what I had learnt along the way in life with regards to diet and nutrition I now know was what kept me alive, and very healthy.

This is for you if;
  • You are suffering or have suffered with cancer, or someone close you to has,
  • You have suffered with major heart disease, or someone close to you,
  • You have a concern, major or minor, about your health
Then this is definitely for you.

If you want to add another 10, 15, 25 very healthy years to your life!

This really is for you.

Challenge yourself!

Leave a message here, or

Email me at:, or

Call me here in Australia on +61413237836

Something to think about!

  • If you knew there was a way to share with as many as you could, show them what good health truly is all about and how easy it is, wouldn’t you want to tell them as well if they needed that help?
  • You could help someone else with their health, possibly save their life, you’d want to share that also, wouldn’t you?
  • Wouldn’t you want them to know that there are options to better health and a better life. Wouldn’t you share that with them?
  • What if that knowledge could help someone close to you, a friend, a neighbour, wouldn’t you want to share it?

Join me as we venture into Cancer to Confidence

Did The System Fail Us?

The system didn’t fail us, we failed ourselves! 

We simply forgot to question it.

If I were to ask that question of myself I don’t think I would know where to begin. In one family so many medical mistakes, and it’s okay by everyone? Well! It’s Not Okay!!

The medical mistakes I have been confronted with are many but here are a few for you. The mother of this family needed a quad bypass which they realised wasn’t needed only to find the patient had lung cancer. In one year a quad bypass and diagnosis with lung cancer from an xray that was taken from the wrong position. It was the final check to make sure surgery for the quad bypass had gone to plan. Shortly after, while still healing from the heart surgery, she commences chemotherapy for lung cancer. If it weren’t for that mistake by the radiologist they would not have found the cancer until it was too late.

Another, the second oldest daughter in the same family was diagnosed with bone degeneration to the state where, as the doctors said, ” it is bone rubbing against bone that is creating the problem and muscular issues. This person was sent to physio and put on an exercise regimen only to find out after an MRI two months later that was requested by the family did they find that this person had Myeloma. By this stage it was too late and had turned into Multiple Myeloma, she died three months after the MRI.

Another from the same family, fourth oldest son, was diagnosed with a double cancer, tongue and throat, but the system lost his paper work for eighteen weeks. When they finally realised eighteen weeks later he ended up at Emergency Department at the local hospital, they kept him in ED knowing for a fact that he was a cancer patient but they didn’t transfer him to their cancer ward. Nine hours later his oncologist saw him in ED and asked what he was doing there. He replied saying, “They were waiting for you as they could not find any paperwork in their system.” His siblings took a small break as he was doing well for 10 days over Christmas with their families as they had been there from September to Christmas in 2018. The medical team and Hospital at Home team were asked to ensure he was okay daily, they said he would have home vists each day and keep his siblings in touch while they were away, they did not.

What they also did was when the controlled morphene shots turned up at his place place, they also left all other medication and did not clear them out as they were told by his oncology team. They left him through the Christmas period with a partner who suffered badly with Multiple Sclerosis to administer medication. She made a mistake by giving him medication because she thought he was to still have the older medication as well. She overdosed with Oxycontin 1ml liquid at 300ml each day until she ran out and that was on top of the morphene drip he had in his arm with regular doses. The endone and oxycontin tablets overdosed as well and because of that mistake, that overdose, it eventually killed him almost one month later.

This wasn’t any family I met through research ..

… This in fact is my own family

Do I think the system has failed us? Yes! I have seen it too many times in my own family and it is unfortunate I am now seeing it adain with my partner going through mental health.

Coming Up Next!!!

“After losing fifteen of his friends to these murderers he had to face court as Crown Witness for the entirety of the court case. Re-living the memory and horror of what had happened each and every day.  This memory he still suffers with today. “

An introduction to where the system failed this man. How it could have killed him if it wasn’t noticed after a heart attack by his cardiac team.

The Endocrine System

Living the way we do now or living a long, healthy life!

Which would you choose?

Here are two different videos from YouTube, hope they make a little sense to why we must take care of our health. We must get a better understanding about nutrition for one simple reason, that is we expect to be in good health and live a long life and not live in one where there is a need for medication to keep us living.

Function of the Endocrine System;

  • Mechanism of action of steroid and non steroid hormones,
  • Major endocrine organs, functions and,
  • Negative feedback control.

The endocrine system is one of the two systems that are responsible for communication and integration between various body tissues, the other being the nervous system. Endocrine communication is achieved by means of chemical messengers called hormones. Hormones are produced in endocrine glands and secreted into the bloodstream to reach body tissues. A hormone can travel wherever the blood goes, but it can only affect cells that have receptors for it. These are called target cells.

Human endocrine system is a group of ductless glands that regulate body processes by secreting chemical substances called hormones. Hormones act on nearby tissues or are carried in the bloodstream to act on specific target organs and distant tissues. Diseases of the endocrine system can result from the over secretion or under secretion of hormones or from the inability of target organs or tissues to respond to hormones effectively.

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