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Our Mission is to teach others to take charge of their health through

Education & Empowerment.

Why Do People Use A Coach?

I have learnt how to address health challenges and learn about what the body requires to be able to heal itself with the raw materials provided by mother nature. Why do people use a coach? Many have goals they would like to achieve but sometimes find it difficult piecing it all together. A coach will be by your side from start to finish. They will help you see what your needs are and work with you to reach your desired goals and dreams, and walk each step of the way with you.

Health Or Wealth

There are two things that are constantly important to people, their health and finances. Lacking in either of these areas can make life miserable, abundance in both areas can change your life. A coach will show you how to get there in the time and space you set for yourself.

Your Business

To build your business you will need mentors and our company ensures we have the best in the industry. We give you the best hi-tech tools to help you when you decide to take it on as a business. To be able to see where you are going mentors are a necessity.

Your Dreams

If you have ever thought that your dreams are too far away to reach, with some effort and a bit of time and effort you can build your business. We will show you how to get there in the time frame you set for yourself and walk with you through your entire journey.

What Comes With The Course?

8 Unit Course

Learn how to solve all of your clients health problems using a variety of the most advanced Wholistic approaches.


Once you complete the 8 units and pass each test you will be mailed your Certified Wholistic Health Coach Certificate in the mail.

Facebook Community

Connect and learn from hundreds of other Wholistic Certified Health Coaches in our private Facebook Community.

Evaluation Website

You will receive your own Health Evaluation website. When your clients take the Health Evaluation they will receive their Health Score. Your Free Evaluation

Information Website

You will also receive you own personalized Health Information website that you can share with your clients. Click Here

Continuing Education

We have 4 live classes every week that are specifically designed to help you improve every aspect of your coaching business.

Mindset Course

Included in your membership is a full mindset course that will teach you how the human mind works and how to rewire it.

Social Media Training

Learn exactly how to use social media to build a successful health coaching business online from the comfort of your own home.

Transform Your Life & The Lives Of Many Others.

Position yourself to have a massive impact on the health of others, while creating an incredible passive income source! It works with a simple format that is easy to share. Whether you make it a business or not, we get you and will always be there for you.


Training is ongoing as this is not only a changing world but the way we think about is also changing. Training comes in many formats and with social media now means that training is 24/7/365. As we are global help is only a message away.


Like our training, we are there to support you, whether you decide to take it on as a business or simply as a customer, either way we are glad to be a part of your journey and be there with help and advice when you mostly need it.

Every ailment, every sickness and every disease can be traced back to organic mineral deficiency. Linus Pauling

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