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Discussion with Diabetics

Your place to chat with other diabetics about what works for them in controlling blood sugar levels.

Who Are We?

Over the past thirty years I have researched cancer, heart disease, and eventually diabetes also became a research topic because what I had already been researching was also tied to blood sugar issues.

From there came people I work closely with who are diabetics and a discussion about setting up an education platform for others who suffer with this health issue. It is formed with hope that it could help many or just that one person. If that were to help just that one from this event then this conversation has truly served it’s purpose.


The DwD Team

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Anthony Wayne Daniell


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Bryce Craig


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Mark Richards


Douglas Fremlin MMus
Certified Wholistic Health Coach

For many years my search for a better way to approach health and the treatment of health was to set on a journey to establish how this could be possible. I always said that if I ever found the answer I would shout it out from the highest mountain.

This is my mountain as I work with Bryce, Anthony and Mark building awareness that betterment in health is always possible, we just weren’t shown how to do it. It is easy and the knowledge here is free.

Certified Wholistic Health and Wellness Coach

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