How to Build an Online Presence with a KISS

  The Unwrapped Leader Masterclass “Keep It Simple Sweetheart” You will learn how to create a brand that stands out in way that speaks out to people on a completely new level. Literally it is ‘Personal Branding, One on One.  Yes! 1O1. – Knowing who you are is power, Sharing who you are today isContinue reading “How to Build an Online Presence with a KISS”

My Friend -Ken Warren

We met in January 2017 in our new home, and we are hailed across the street from our new neighbour, Ken, in his rough Australian accent, “Oi, you got a minute?” That “Oi!” Formed a friendship I will hold dear until I am no longer. He taught me strength when the chips were down. Courage,Continue reading “My Friend -Ken Warren”

My Best Friend-His Story in Silence

Why Mental Health Is So Important To Me! My entire life I have been around mental health but what was to confront me fourteen years ago was a man who had been neglected by the system because of the severity of his case, He is my best friend, and he is fit and well today.Continue reading “My Best Friend-His Story in Silence”

Discussion with Diabetics

Discussion with DiaBetiX is designed to gather people from all over the globe in an open conversation on diabetes and it’s effects in their country and how it may differ from each others on the world stage of Diabetes. Diabetes is growing at an alarming rate according to World Health Organisation. In 1980, 108 millionContinue reading “Discussion with Diabetics”

Collagen Peptides

FEATURED PRODUCT Living Younger, Longer Starts From Within Give your body optimal wellness from the inside out with products that support vibrant skin, healthy joints, and your overall health.

The Dragons Breath

A poem I wrote driving home to Brisbane through the 2020 fires through the back of South Australia into New South Wales and having to turn around and eventuate through Bourke into Queensland, then home. It took two and a half days.

Cancer to Confidence-The Series

After surviving death seven times, four times to chemo, three to major heart attacks and surgery, I survived, and survived well!

Heal Thyself

After spending a lifetime looking at and practising holistic healing comes a documentary like this.Call it faith in mother nature, call it an old art but healing is as pure as one of Mother Nature’s greatest creations, the human body. I have always been taught the human body is more resilient than we have beenContinue reading “Heal Thyself”

Do I Think The World Is Crazy Part Two

Absolutely I Do! Over the years of research into cancer I came to see a pattern forming. From the turn of the century we started to see more viruses and more diseases. Many point to the growth of so many varieties of medication on the market and in the early days testing wasn’t as stringentContinue reading “Do I Think The World Is Crazy Part Two”

Do I Think The World is Crazy?

One of the things I have tried to learn more about in my life was what keeps the human body in a position of optimal health to live our lives as Mother Nature had planned. Given the right food, the right nutrition and exercise we can actually live longer and healthier than we do in this modern day and age.

Coronavirus. What Is The Truth?

Had this pop up in messenger. Just to say peeps yes there are a lot of stories going around. Could it be true? True or not, STOP believing everything you are hearing. Truth is? You know what to do to stay safe, boost immune system, go for a walk or even exercise in the backContinue reading “Coronavirus. What Is The Truth?”

Cancer Days

I send you these posts because I know someone out there be may doing this a lot harder or a lot easier than I and maybe together we can help each other through good and bad times.
I am a singer and with my song maybe have finally found the reason for all my lessons, my song for life. 

Why Me Syndrome

EXCERPT from an older blog. The reason for Adelaide I had no idea at this stage, 2007. I came to stay with family, I flew there on May 15, 2007 to stay so I could heal and basically find myself. I had cervical and lumbar bone degeneration, on chemicals from tramadol hydrochloride initially 50mls andContinue reading “Why Me Syndrome”

Dream of a Thirteen Year Old

Excerpt:. “Together we can make this happen and this page will grow as will my plight to ensure that we, as a race, will protect the very thing we need to exist as a people and a race.

Tough Times-Tough Measures

Through these troubled times we try as hard as we can to help and support each other, whether on the ground or online, we support each other.

We Didn’t Have Big Pharma In Those Days

Please do not think that I love to mar the reductionistic style medicine that the allopathic practitioners use. Their aim is to minimise the aches and pains with what ever means they can and they will do so without question from the patient.   For centuries both allopathic and holistic medicines lived side by sideContinue reading “We Didn’t Have Big Pharma In Those Days”

A New Way Of Doing Things

One of the things I have learned going through cancer was that you must challenge the norm. At the end of the day, This Is Your Life You Are Dealing With, you have as much right as the doctors do to make decisions that regard your life. They will tell you that when it comesContinue reading “A New Way Of Doing Things”

Adelaide and My Brothers

When I decided to do a Facebook live I didn’t expect along the way that I would get a call from my brother and my niece, father and daughter, one down with tongue cancer, the other with a double mastectomy, breast cancer in the pipeline. So what’s next ? My family have suffered with tongue,Continue reading “Adelaide and My Brothers”

Cancer – What Can I Say?

Coming Soon on Facebook Stay tuned for more information  

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