Elementor #5545

What would you do?   I was diagnosed with lung cancer a month ago and exactly ten years ago to the month I walked away from lymphoma and yet here I am ten years later, preparing to walk that same journey again.   This time I know using the public system therapies, chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy,Continue reading “Elementor #5545”

Morton Bay and Captain Cook.

On 17 May 1770, Captain Cook sailed by this site which is now a suburb called Redcliffe.  The smaller stone in the image below was  eventually bought here to commemorate that day.

Monday Mindset

“Your Monday morning thoughts set the tone for your whole week. See yourself getting stronger, and living a fulfilling, happier and healthier life.”-GERMANY KENT What happened whenYour brain got in the way! Everything you do in life takes steps, procedures, plans; but we don’t realise that it happens because we have been doing it sinceContinue reading “Monday Mindset”

Why Become a Health Coach

Elev8 your life, and the lives of others

By becoming an IWH Certified Wholistic Health Coach you will be able to work when and where you want, earn an incredible income, and make a significant impact in people’s lives.

The World Needs Wholistic Health Coach’s!

Am I a Crack Pot?

What I have been saying for a while.
Am I a crack pot?

I am someone who has faught long and hard, suffered along the way, and each and everytime I would say, there is hope for the way we perceive our health, our lives, and what we can do to make that change.

Life and You

What excites you about life, orWhat is holding you back from the excitement?I found it was me that held me back. Seeing life from a completely different perspective was what allowed me to make that change. The change to wanting better health and a better life. Is that too much to ask?I’ve worked all myContinue reading “Life and You”

The Cardiovascular System

Here is a video from YouTube, hope it makes a little sense as to why we must take care of our health.  Why we must get a better understanding of nutrition for one simple reason,  that is we expect to be in good health and live a long life and not live in one whereContinue reading “The Cardiovascular System”

Truth About the Lies, or The Lies About the Truth

Why as a Certified Wholistic Health Coach I would want you to know the truth. Truth or Lies?
what do you think.

An Hour with Dr Joel Wallach

If you haven’t yet met Doc Wallach,Today could be that opportunity to get sound advice on your health, or just see how we work. Opportunity!! You don’t get the chance to meet a Doc that will tell you like it is. JOIN US TODAY!!DOC WALLACH HEALTH CALLWorld Renown Dr Joel Wallach ND, DVMlive lecture withContinue reading “An Hour with Dr Joel Wallach”

Cancer to Confidence

The Immune System and why it is so important Just gathering my thoughts of where to next. The urge is welling up and it feels like there is a net over me constantly. I can choose to walk away, but is it as easy as they tell you it was going to be? No! ItContinue reading “Cancer to Confidence”

How to Build an Online Presence with a KISS

  The Unwrapped Leader Masterclass “Keep It Simple Sweetheart” You will learn how to create a brand that stands out in way that speaks out to people on a completely new level. Literally it is ‘Personal Branding, One on One.  Yes! 1O1. – Knowing who you are is power, Sharing who you are today isContinue reading “How to Build an Online Presence with a KISS”

My Friend -Ken Warren

We met in January 2017 in our new home, and we are hailed across the street from our new neighbour, Ken, in his rough Australian accent, “Oi, you got a minute?” That “Oi!” Formed a friendship I will hold dear until I am no longer. He taught me strength when the chips were down. Courage,Continue reading “My Friend -Ken Warren”

The Importance Of Knowledge and Cancer

We ask ourselves how much of our life do we hold in our own hands and a simple image reflects my thoughts. You don’t hold you life in your hands, you hold your entire world. Everything you are.  The very soul, the very being of your existence. You own it and that is a fact,Continue reading “The Importance Of Knowledge and Cancer”

My Best Friend-His Story in Silence

Why Mental Health Is So Important To Me! My entire life I have been around mental health but what was to confront me fourteen years ago was a man who had been neglected by the system because of the severity of his case, He is my best friend, and he is fit and well today.Continue reading “My Best Friend-His Story in Silence”

Discussion with Diabetics

Discussion with DiaBetiX is designed to gather people from all over the globe in an open conversation on diabetes and it’s effects in their country and how it may differ from each others on the world stage of Diabetes. Diabetes is growing at an alarming rate according to World Health Organisation. In 1980, 108 millionContinue reading “Discussion with Diabetics”

Collagen Peptides

FEATURED PRODUCT Living Younger, Longer Starts From Within Give your body optimal wellness from the inside out with products that support vibrant skin, healthy joints, and your overall health.

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