Why I have spent the better part of my life learning and practicing music and holistic healing?


My dreams and wishes as a boy have finally started to realise.  Realise in the sense that people are becoming more aware of what is being told to them with regards to many areas of health, and they are now starting to question it.

My name is Douglas Fremlin. My journey in life has taken me down many paths from a little town in Fiji to living my life now working with people from all over the globe marching in a common cause.

My wish as a young teen was to figure out a way to help people with their health. To empower them with knowledge that with proper nutrition there would be no need for sickness and/or surgery.

I have come to see that that dream is now a reality. With disease’s and the amount of deaths from those disease’s growing each year I don’t see anything changing for the good, but in fact it is getting worse.

From the way technology has shifted in the past 50 years means that medicine in all areas have benefited.  What we are realizing now is that we must learn more about what our bodies are capable of if it is fed the right ‘nutrition’. I have come to learn that proper nutrition will change the way you look at yourself and more importantly, the way you look at your life overall.

I saw this one man’s mission as the dream I had when I was a child.  Researched him and finally met him in 2015 at a Gold Coast Conference and met a man with the answers I had been looking for.

I used the products that were recommended just after coming out of chemotherapy for Mantle Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, stage four aggressive, I had about three to six months to live.  What I came to realise was that everything the doctors had told me was not all correct and now my fight has now become my mission.

My mission was to ensure that I would tell as many people what I came to understand. To fulfil what I had dreamt when I was thirteen years old and that was to ensure I would find a way to let all humans lead healthy lives as it was intended and not as we are living life today.

Post chemotherapy I had cardiovascular issues with three to maybe four stents to be placed in my heart. Lung capacity was down to fifty three percent and a vascular system shot from chemotherapy. Nineteen months after chemotherapy, and being on this new regimen of nutrition, I asked the doctors to run tests again.  I wasn’t taking the medication they had prescribed; I am still getting sent on tests with no resolve and yet I was feeling so much better, so I needed some checks.

I was first sent to get the lungs checked and capacity was up to ninety-four percent.  When the surgeons performed an angiogram on me, they had to stop the procedure because the problem they were looking for was not there anymore, so no stents were needed but they were adamant 2 years earlier they were.  Veins! All back to normal.

Now I live my life.  The life and live it comfortably as I had planned when I was thirteen and to be able to share what I have found, more importantly, being able to help so many with what knowledge I have learnt and be able to share that amount of success with so many people around the globe.

It is not a job; it is a gift. A gift to be able to share this ‘Mission of Wellness and to be able to help as many as I can’.

I am always willing to have a chat with you about your ideas, your projects and the challenges you feel you face and how I can possibly help you on your journey back into health, back into enjoying your life.

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