Douglas is a Certified Wholistic Health Coach now living in Australia. After surviving cancer and major heart issues he shares his experience through personal experience of how maintaining optimal health over a long life is easy through knowledge.

That knowledge Douglas now passes onto many clients who have rebuilt their lives and attained not just optimal health, but a life they almost gave up on. Douglas works with his clients introducing them to a better way of living. Better health for the rest of your life.

Douglas has a degree in performance in vocal studies and plays several instruments. He has studied Psychology, Sales and Marketing. He has second degree Reiki and has a passion for computer sciences.  He has worked around the music and hospitality industry for more than four decades.

Douglas expertise in solution solving has assisted in establishing many small businesses and built them into flourishing companies as they are today.

Establishing his professionalism and leadership in the hospitality and the music industry at an early age, he knew the longevity of both industries were not going to be for a lifetime.  A change was required and at sixty years old and he turned to Network Marketing as a new career, a new profession, to be able to achieve his dreams and goals.

Douglas has worked with many companies at start up stage and is disciplined in solution solving, a practice he has used throughout his life. If he was going to share his message to living a better life, he needed to learn a new way, in a new age.

His achievements are many but when Douglas joined Youngevity, so started the final stages to Douglas’ dreams, and his goals.

Douglas’ biggest achievement! He can now fulfill that life-long dream to get the world healthy through knowledge. To be able to share that dream, that goal with everyone now spreading the message of Doctor Joel Wallach.

You have one life, which was your gift at birth.

Your task is to cherish that gift and help it grow because you only get one chance to do it right.

Douglas Fremlin

I am always willing to have a chat with you about your ideas, your projects.

The challenges you feel you face and how I can help you.

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