About Douglas

Douglas has a degree in performance in vocal studies and plays several instruments. He has studied Psychology, Sales and Marketing, he has 2nd Degree Reiki and has a passion for computer sciences.  He has worked around the music and hospitality industry for more than four decades.

Douglas’ expertise is in solution solving for a variety of industries.

He has implented the strategy successfully in the automotive industry, event planning, music, and in the hospitality industries for more than 30 years successfully.

Douglas’ biggest achievement! 

He is now fulfilling that life-long dream to get the world healthy through knowledge. To be able to share that dream, that goal by sharing a message of Doctor Joel Wallach that through ‘proper nutrition’ you can live a long and healthy life.

Through Network Marketing and a wide range of health solutions, the aim is to help you reach your goal. As a Certified Wholistic Health Coach, he now works with companies providing health solutions for many diseases that we are confronted with today. 


“You have one life, which was your gift at birth.

Your task is to cherish that gift and help it grow because you only get one chance to do it right”.
Douglas Fremlin


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