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I was diagnosed with lung cancer a month ago and exactly ten years ago to the month I walked away from lymphoma and yet here I am ten years later, preparing to walk that same journey again.


This time I know using the public system therapies, chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy, and Immunotherapy I will not survive due to age and other complications.


Hi, my name is Douglas Fremlin, and I am fundraising to help my fight with lung cancer with therapies I know that work, but are out of reach for anyone on a pension, and in the public health system.


The importance of this funding is not only to help me survive lung cancer with non-traditional therapies, but to share with the many others the success I have shown in the past that other therapies do work.


The Nutritional Therapy I currently work with, I am under the guidance of Dr. Joel Wallach BS, DVM, Post Doc (Path), ND.  It was with his help I survived cancer the last time and also three major heart attacks because of a mistake by our system.

I know Nutritional Therapy will also help many survive not only cancer, but many other diseases we are faced with today not only through prevention, but through education as taught to many on a global scale by Dr Joel Wallach.  


This therapy I am currently using is an expense and a therapy that is not available in the public system for many reasons. On a pension these options are unavailable for financial reasons. I know it is possible with Nutritional Therapy as I have succeeded before with lymphoma, and major heart issues.


The other therapies that will be used for this purpose is Metabollic Therapy of which is not readily available in Australia for cancer, and not available in the public or private sector.  I am hoping that this therapy will be made available, but proof has always been the issue due to financial reasons for many. It is being trialed in other countries but not in Australia currently. 

That is my intention with the funding and furthermore, if there is enough funding left, to help others with the same plight I currently face in hope that the system will see that there is a non-evasive cost effective way to treat disease today in Australia.


Healthcare is a big burden on any country and it has been shown several times with Dr Wallach that not only money can be saved here, but also the lives of many that we lose to disease.



It’s is widely known by many professionals in our system that it isn’t the disease that eventually kills you, it is the treatment and it is my intention to show others, after forty-two years of research, that it is possible, effective, and hopefully can be integrated into our healthcare system.  Any funding that remains will be used to help others through their journey to survive life as I have done.

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