The Immune System and why it is so important

Just gathering my thoughts of where to next. The urge is welling up and it feels like there is a net over me constantly. I can choose to walk away, but is it as easy as they tell you it was going to be? No!

It was difficult from the onset because of lack of knowledge and where I had to start was the immune system.


Why was it important to share knowledge on how to stay healthy!

It is obvious to most that when you are diagnosed with cancer it is the immune system is compromised and therefore it is there one should start looking if one is to find an answer to what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again.  That was my biggest worry at the beginning but I came to learn very fast that it is not as difficult as the system makes it out to be.


The Immune System and understanding why it is so important is what we must learn more about if we are to learn about the defense army for the human body.


Here’s a short video to help you understand what is important about the immune system and what makes it tick with Dr. Joel Wallach.


Dr Joel Wallach - The Immune System

How to strengthen your immune system to allow your body to combat viruses. A strong immune system will lesson the severity from major symptoms to mild or moderate symptoms. This is what is really needed for the elderly, people with underlying health issues and people on medications, All of which lower the immune system.

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You can fix almost any problem if you follow a simple method with diet, nutrient intake and strengthening the lymphatic system. This can beat any doctors regime for any dysfunction including cancers.

Cancer to Confidence

It is a journey through cancer but what is important is the journey to be able to survive.  I found a way to stay healthy and you think people would listen!  

Their team of professionals have all been trained in art of repairing the human body but do they know the cause.

THats what I had to find out over forty years of research and what I came to realise was that the basic understanding of getting healthy again you need to find the root cause and it is sad to say that the system we have entrusted with our lives cannot even tell you that.


Join me with Cancer to Confidence as we step into 2023 with hope that these posts and the 14 episode series will help you understand how much control you actually do have when it comes to your health.

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