Discussion with Diabetics

Discussion with DiaBetiX is designed to gather people from all over the globe in an open conversation on diabetes and it’s effects in their country and how it may differ from each others on the world stage of Diabetes.

Diabetes is growing at an alarming rate according to World Health Organisation. In 1980, 108 million died from diabetes. By 2014, it had risen to 422 million people on a global scale and yet there is help for sufferers of this debilitating disease, but without knowledge on how this disease can be helped you would never find out. The reasoning is pretty clear for that action.

  • One in 11 adults has diabetes (415 million)
  • One in two (46.5 per cent) adults with diabetes is undiagnosed
  • 12 per cent of global health expenditure is spent on diabetes (USD$673 billion)
  • One in seven births is affected by gestational diabetes
  • Three-quarters (75 per cent) of people with diabetes live in low- and middle-income countries
  • 542,000 children have type 1 diabetes
  • Every six seconds a person dies from diabetes (5.0 million deaths)
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Who Are We?

We are a group of diabetics, health coaches, farmers, truck drivers, who have come to understand that through their successes and a Zoom platform for diabetics, and also those who suffer with blood sugar issues.

The aim is to give each person the opportunity to pop in and chat about what difficulties they are going through. In some cases how they have succeeded. To have a place Where they can go to if they have had enough of pharmaceuticals and wanted to look at other options. To discuss how they are approaching diabetes and what other help there is out there for them.

Sharing information freely is what this group has decided to do and why! With the many who suffer with these health issues across the globe, there will be a place where they can find information outside of the norm. A place where they can share their stories with other like minded people on a global scale. A place where truth about diet and treatments for all blood sugar issues can be discussed, and discussed openly.

On a global scale the effects of the blood sugar issues jumps the boundaries from blood sugar issues to heart disease, amputations, cancer, among the many other diseases that can be caused by blood sugar problems. Through knowledge some of these can be eliminated simply through the sharing of information that could help you, or someone close to you.

Discussion with DiaBetiX

Join Us each Saturday for Discussions with DiaBetiXs.

Together we can Dia-Beat this!

Published by Douglas Fremlin

This site was created to share my thoughts before, during and post cancer.  I wanted to share with you how it can come and come fast and what it does when it comes to get you.  It doesn't only effect you but to all the people around you who are close.  Family, dear friends, nurses, doctors, who will be there to give you all the support, strength and the courage to be strong.  More importantly it gives you the time to stay positive as you concentrate and focused on kicking this bug in the you know where.  'Staying Positive' is one of the most important things you can ever do. Nothing Is Terminal!  Only What We Do To Our Bodies Decides That. I would also love to share with you what I did, what the "Juju" is that I am using to ensure good health, youthful feel for life and longer time living my life as healthy as it was meant to be.  I am now sixty verging on sixty-one and the healthiest I have ever been for a very long time.  This site is about how I went from three to six months from being six foot under to how I challenged the system and the way my health was to make it through cancer alive with both allopathic medicine, chemo and the mass of pills and otherwise, and organic medicines.  As you can say it worked as I am still here.

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