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Cancer to Confidence-The Series

After surviving death seven times, four times to chemo, three to major heart attacks I survived well!

During the past nine years of hell l lost a brother and a sister, and almost losing another brother to cancer. After five years of battling the system, I almost lost my partner to mental health and eventually, several major heart attacks, but he survived.

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Coming Soon 21 June 2022 – Episode 2 – Knowledge

Join me each week as I take you on journey from Cancer to Confidence.

How did I manage to survive cancer and heart disease?

What was I doing that was different that kept me alive?

After major heart surgery just a few weeks ago, I sat on my hospital bed asking myself, what just happened.  Over the nine years of hell I had seen some medical mistakes that cost the lives of three of my family members, I was to be the fourth in the firing line of cancer.

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