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Cancer to Confidence

After 2nd Cycle Chemotherapy-Douglas Fremlin

When I first went through chemotherapy, I decided to keep a journal. I wanted to just keep notes for my own sake, for a way to keep me driven to stay alive. This was edited a few times and I though why? I have left it as it was because for me this was a big part of what I wanted to share if I were to make it through. Make it through? For some unknown reason I knew if I fought hard enough, I would make it through. Have a listen to the video below, this is me on my way home after Cycle 1A-HyperCVAD, Chemotherapy regimen used for Lymphoma. I had Mantle Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. was confident I was going to beat this thing, and I did.

On the way home from chemo, 1st bout and it’s the first time I have been so wacked on morphine, great fun, well! Looks like it, but took me 25 weeks of cold turkey to get off it and it wasn’t easy, and those spiders? Never again people. Seven times now after my heart attack I have been tested by the medical system, as in almost died, five of those times, because of one doctor. I almost never made it back after three heart attacks because of a medical mistake.

All said and Done! I am glad I still be here today to share my conversation with you.

Podcast coming soon and I hope you all will join me. Launch date will be posted for the podcast, leave your details below and I will keep you posted through whichever means best suits you.

If it will help others, and maybe save someone’s life! I am happy! If it helps just one person, I am also happy, and why should I help others?

Because I can! Thanks again and join me as I take you down a path, a journey of……..

Cancer to Confidence

Don’t Cry Alone In Silence!

That was the lesson I learnt after my recent heart attack, and I want to share with others how I managed to survive death seven times. What kept me alive?

more about ..

The Truths! The Lies! The Deception!

You make your choice, but
Simple as it may sound it isn’t and I know that well. So!
I suggest you join me as I introduce you way of approaching your health, Your Confidence.

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