Do I Think The World Is Crazy Part Two

Absolutely I Do!

Over the years of research into cancer I came to see a pattern forming. From the turn of the century we started to see more viruses and more diseases. Many point to the growth of so many varieties of medication on the market and in the early days testing wasn’t as stringent as they are today. Hence forth a lot of medication on the market that were still being used in animal trials and not even get to the stage of human testing before being authorized by FDA for sale.

What I came to learn is that “proper” nutrition in our daily intake of foods has been depleted over time. People started taking supplements to boost their system because of the ‘proper nutrition’ we feed our bodies daily, or lack thereof should I say. Our every day vegetables from the supermarket or vege shop have very little, if any at all, nutrition because of many factors.

Over farming, over spraying with chemicals and depletion of all nutrition from the soil and of course hydroponics. It meant that the very basics we were eating required more volume to get what the mind and body required to keep the body, as a whole, functioning well enough to survive and survive well. We all know what happens when we eat more than we should and down the track a piece problems commence with health. We don’t plan for this to happen but in my opinion, the lack of advice from ‘the system’ has meant that for over one hundred years we have been misled into thinking that all foods we buy today are good for us and of course over time it became habit for the different generations and we all think it is okay. Let me say that if we all wanted to kill ourselves slowly we can but leaving that decision up to the corporates with no regard to human health, I feel it is time we came to understand that the nutrition we are told about that exists in foods today is not true. Soils have been depleted worldwide from nutrition, hydroponics have become an easy way to grow food in mass so where does the nutrition that Mother Nature gives us in foods, blowing in the wind with the dust I guess.

Soil depletion resources.

A practical model for predicting soil water deficit in New Zealand pastures

Land degradation and desertification threaten fertile land and the benefits human society derives from it throughout the world. On a global scale, around 10 – 20% of drylands and 24% of the world’s productive lands are degraded.

 This article is more than 2 years old. Third of Earth’s soil is acutely degraded due to agriculture. Fertile soil is being lost at rate of 24bn tonnes a year through intensive farming as demand for food increases, says UN-backed study

Worldwide soil degradation.
Soil degradation in the US 1910-2006
Healthy soil, healthy human race.

Dear EarthTalk: What’s the nutritional difference between the carrot I ate in 1970 and one I eat today? I’ve heard that that there’s very little nutrition left. Is that true?

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This site was created to share my thoughts before, during and post cancer.  I wanted to share with you how it can come and come fast and what it does when it comes to get you.  It doesn't only effect you but to all the people around you who are close.  Family, dear friends, nurses, doctors, who will be there to give you all the support, strength and the courage to be strong.  More importantly it gives you the time to stay positive as you concentrate and focused on kicking this bug in the you know where.  'Staying Positive' is one of the most important things you can ever do. Nothing Is Terminal!  Only What We Do To Our Bodies Decides That. I would also love to share with you what I did, what the "Juju" is that I am using to ensure good health, youthful feel for life and longer time living my life as healthy as it was meant to be.  I am now sixty verging on sixty-one and the healthiest I have ever been for a very long time.  This site is about how I went from three to six months from being six foot under to how I challenged the system and the way my health was to make it through cancer alive with both allopathic medicine, chemo and the mass of pills and otherwise, and organic medicines.  As you can say it worked as I am still here.

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