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Why I Do What I Do?

I thought I knew how healthy I was when I started researching cancer many years ago. The research opened my eyes to a lot of what we thought we knew about medicine and how easy it was to keep the body healthy and more importantly keep totally clear of all diseases, or so I thought.

Why the “Change Begins With You’?

To be straight up? I came to realise that if change is what you truly want, you will do just about anything to get you there. Yes! It does take a bit of work but when you get there you no longer need to say “I would like/want that but I can’t afford it/can’t do it just yet. Instead you can say ‘I have it, I’ve done it,

I’ve been there in both situations in life.

When I had money people thought I was ‘rich’.

When I had no money people still said I was ‘rich’.

Your very being, your essence is a wealth only you can be humbled with and that in its self is a wealth only you can understand.

We Matter. We As Human Beings Matter!

The only ones who can take care of us is each other with a hope that one day we will all strive to benefit the human race. Not profit from it with absolute total disregard for humanity on the whole.

So Who Are We?

I had a lot of time to think going through chemo and the rest period that came afterwards, the long wait to be told you are all clear legally five years later. I wasn’t impatient, I was in an ‘I am going to prove you wrong’ mood and it came with a lot of courage, a lot of positive attitude and the hours of torture at hospitals. I had only visited one to see others but I didn’t expect to be a patient in one myself

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