My belief has always been that the best medicine you could give anyone was to teach them how not to need it.

Hi! My name is Douglas Fremlin.

My dreams and wishes as a boy have finally started to realise.  Realise in the sense that people are becoming more aware of what is being told to them with regards to many areas of their health. It is researched more now in the history of the internet and we are all starting to question it.

After working for many years for someone else I came to realise as I got older that I needed a new way of making money as finding work was not easy. After cancer in 2012-13 I realised that I needed to get back into the work force. It was going to be the thing I wanted to do nor was it going to be easy finding one. So! What was going to be the next step in my life.

At 63 years old I took on a new challenge, Network Marketing. I am now a Health & Wellness Coach as it has always been the fore front of all my research in life. Just finding the right company to work with was my problem. The health and wellness industry is now officially a trillion-dollar industry. More than ever, everyday people are seeking change in their habits so they can; reduce pain, improve fitness, get better sleep, lose weight, lower stress or simply increase their life span.

I am a dedicated coach delivering nutritional, healthy lifestyle solutions which will help you reach your goals, dreams and your aspirations you want in health and in life and more importantly, in a time you set for yourself. I walk every step of the way with to make certain you reach your goals. Put simply!

This journey is about you and your success! My sole intention is to get you there.

Building Dreams

Working with people has been a passion of mine all my life and what I now do is work with clients to help them achieve results, life goals and profits and to find what we all search for, Time and Money Freedom. We work with you at your pace.

Connecting with people is my strongest asset based on many years in business. I am able to quickly develop and execute plans with you. Plans that will help you get to where you want and in the time frame you set for yourself to build your business.

Make that appointment!

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